Screenshot of the Player Medkit

An item provided to players by default that allows them to heal an allied unit, be it players or npc's, and revive them. This item is different than the medkits found on the ground that heal you. The amount of charge it has is indicated in the bottom right corner starting at 100. When using primary fire it goes down 10 units each time, healing an ally that you are next to and pointing at for healing them by 10 health by default, if a unit has less than 10 health missing instead of using 10 charge it will use how much you are missing.

Using secondary fire takes 50 charge and can revive an allied unit. Note you cannot revive or heal yourself with the Player Medkit, a allied player must do so.

Its ammo/charge slowly regenerates back to 100.

A player may drop this weapon/tool if they desire.